South Indian Filter

Ingredients for 2 cups of coffee

  1. Ground Coffee (medium fine) - 25gm
  2. Hot Water (90°C - 95°C) - 100ml

  1. Add ground coffee to the upper cylindrical cup of the filter.
  2. Tamp the grounds lightly with the press disc to form a uniform layer. Please take care not to tamp too hard.
  3. With the press disc remaining in place, fix the upper cup on top of the bottom chamber.
  4. Pour your boiled water into the upper cup and cover with the lid.
  5. Let the coffee decoction drip slowly from the top chamber to the bottom.


  1. In a small cup/traditional dabarah, add 30 ml of the above decoction.
  2. Slowly, add 60 ml of boiling hot milk, pouring from as far away as possible to create bubbles.
  3. Coffee is typically served after pouring back and forth between the dabarah and a tumbler.




  • The coffee decoction should take around 12-15 minutes to filter down to the lower chamber.
  • Pouring back and forth between two cups serves to mix ingredients thoroughly, cooling the hot coffee to a sipping temperature, and most importantly, aerating the mix without the need for extra water.
Written by Geetu Mohnani