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Channi coffee is an ideal way for people who are just getting started to brewing coffee at home and don't have any equipment. It requires no fancy brewing equipment, just some freshly roasted coffee and your good old channi (tea strainer). 

Ingredients for 1 cup of Channi Coffee

  1. Ground Coffee (coarse) - 20gm

  2. Hot Water (90°C - 95°C) - 200ml

Preparation of Channi Coffee

  1. Take ground coffee in a vessel/pot.

  2. Pour hot water over it, stirring evenly.

  3. Cover and let brew for 5 minutes.

  4. Use a tea strainer/channi to strain the coffee into a mug.

Tips and Tricks

  • To avoid coffee fines in your cup, wrap a thin cotton cloth over the strainer before pouring out the brewed coffee.

  • If your preference is coffee with milk, reduce the amount of water by half.

  • If you like the flavour, but would like a less watery beverage, increase the amount of coffee. Decrease the amount of coffee if you find the flavour too pronounced.

  • If your coffee is too sour and salty, increase your brewing time to taste.

  • If your coffee is overly bitter, reduce your brewing time to taste.

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Written by Poojya Prasad