French press Coffee - The Caffeine Baar

French press coffee allows you to get a rich aromatic coffee and a more flavorful brewA coarse grind size is perfect for a french press coffee. Here's how you can make a fresh cup of coffee using a plunger:

Ingredients for 1 cup of French Press Coffee

  1. Ground Coffee (coarse) - 25gm

  2. Hot Water (90°C - 95°C) - 250ml

Preparation of French Press Coffee

  1. Pour filtered water into a kettle and heat to 94°C. If not using a temperature-controlled kettle, let water sit for 30 seconds after boiling.

  2. Measure out the coffee.

  3. Placing the French Press on the scale, note its weight to ensure accurate measurements. Spoon in the ground coffee.

  4. Start the timer and slowly pour in 50 ml of water. Stir and let bloom for 30 seconds.

  5. Pour in the remaining water. Stir and then let brew for 4 minutes in total.

  6. Positioning the plunger vertically, press down with the weight of your hand and arm, slowly.

  7. Pour the brewed coffee into a pre-warmed mug.

  8. Clean the French Press and the plunger in running water. Ensure you remove all coffee particles from the fine mesh filter. Wipe dry for next use.



  • If your preference is coffee with milk, reduce the amount of water by half and increase the brewing time to taste.

  • To avoid over-extracting the coffee, remove from the French Press after plunging.

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Written by Poojya Prasad