Carbonic Maceration

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What happens when carbon dioxide meets Baarbara coffee? The Caffeine Baar found out. Ripened coffee cherries are harvested, sorted, and syphoned. Then, they are pulped and fermented with CO2 for a certain number of days, with continuous monitoring of the pH level. Once ready, the fermented pulp is dried on raised beds for a product with bright, winey flavours in every cup. 

This unique offering is a new experiment, part of our Elements 2021 Collection.

Origin - Baarbara, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Altitude - 4500 ft - 5000 ft

Varietal - SLN 795

Roasted for - Filter

Recommended Brewing Equipment - This is a versatile coffee which suits all brewing equipments. Best brewed as Syphon . 

Taste Notes - Apple, Lemon Vanilla Tart