Valentines Gift Hamper Classic

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Wondering what to get this Valentine's day? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Presenting to you - TCB's Valentine's Gift Hamper πŸ’

Whether it's a gift to a loved one or simply a gift to yourself, this hamper, is a perfect choice!

This box of assorted goodies is sure to be the best company this Valentine's day πŸ’•

1 - Pure Dark chocolate Coffee crunch

Handcrafted with love, a perfect blend of smooth dark chocolate with crunchy chunks of coffee creates a rich and flavourful experience in each bite.

2 - TCB Honey Sun Dried Coffee (250 gm)

For this fragrant offering, coffee cherries are pulped and sun-dried with a thick layer of mucilage to ensure sweet and fruity flavours with every sip.

TCB Tip - Enjoy black - warm or on the rocks.

3 - The Rocky Road Baar
Bobs and bits of candy and nuts in a chocolate square

TCB Tip - Eat at room temperature as a snack.

4 - Sweet Chilli Rosemary Popcorn

Popcorn that screams holidays with a burst of sweet, spicy, salty and sour flavours from honey, chilli, rosemary, and cinnamon, all rolled into one.

TCB Tip - Cozy Blanket, Popcorn and Home Alone

5 - Coffee Mug

Coffee tastes better when sipped or slurped from a handcrafted cup. Available in two sizes and shapes.

TCB Tip - Fill half a cup and slurp slow.