Anaerobic Fermentation

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How does oxygen affect flavour? This question set The Caffeine Baar off on a journey to yield new flavours made by a highly controlled process. A select harvest of ripe cherries were processed in fully sealed, oxygen-deprived fermentation tanks. Careful tweaks led to a result that was full of flavour in every sip. 

Anaerobic Fermentation is a new experiment, part of our Elements 2021 Collection.

Origin - Baarbara, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Altitude - 4500 ft - 5000 ft

Varietal - SLN 795

Roasted for - Filter and Espresso

Recommended Brewing Equipment - French Press, Drip Coffee ( V60, Chemex, Moccamaster etc. )

Taste Notes - Raisins, Peanuts